Trashloch Holmes! - Secondaria Da Vinci- 2^A e 2^B

Hi everyone!!
Last Thursday 23rd of May we had a great time doing a Treasure Hunting!
Just guess…the treasure was …RUBBISH!!
Class 2A and 2B played like Sherlock Holmes and picked a lot of trash at Parco del Dragone,
after a staffetta race;
we were exhausted but very happy in the end; we even told our experience on
A great THANK YOU to our friend and activist Viviana Manganaro, who always helps us with
her enthusiasm and experience, and THANK YOU to Professor Carlo Santulli, from
University of Camerino who contributed with an interesting video about decomposition
times of waste.
Now we know how importanti t is to preserve our environment and, first of all, not to
produce too much waste.
We’ve learnt that some types of rubbish release toxic elements in the soil and it’s really
So we all must remember: less shopping…less waste!!

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